Thursday, June 14

Television, Apples in Stereo, & Dragons of Zynth @ Central Park Summerstage 6/16

Mid-1970s NYC downtown art-rock quartet Television is playing what may be their final show this Saturday afternoon at the Central Park Summerstage. Television was essential to planting the seeds of early punk music, as well as pioneering their unique lead-guitarlessness: instead of one guitar taking a "rhythm" backseat to the other, both guitars are featured prominently, collide with one another, and ricochet off into infinity.

Television broke up in 1978, but got back together in 2001 for a splattering of live dates. Guitarist Richard Lloyd has claimed this Saturday's performance will be his last with the band, putting an end to the reunion. Hopefully no pre-breakup bitterness makes its way onstage.

Apples in Stereo & Dragons of Zynth are also playing - what a bill! Plus, you've got no excuse not to go; it's free!

Television plays "Foxhole" live in 1978:


Anonymous said...

FYI - Richard Lloyd spent the weeks just prior to this event in the hospital with pneumonia. Will he in fact appear at tomorrow's event?

Michael said...

Last i checked it was still up in the air. I will check in later today to see what's up.

Danny said...

He was in the hospital; someone else filled in. Bummer, huh?

Anonymous said...

I read that he was doing drugs again, specifically nitrous oxide. I wonder if that had anything to do with his lung problems?