Monday, September 24

Thurston Moore @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 9/26

Sonic Youth's royal tuff titty Thurston Moore is touring in support of his new record Trees Outside the Academy, his first widely-released solo effort since 1995's Psychic Hearts. The new material sees Moore straying from his usual sprawling electric guitar squalor, instead showing his chops as an acoustic-guitar-toting songwriter.

Tickets are a steep $17. Worth biting the bullet on this one, I think.


Monday, September 17

BEIRUT @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple – Thus. 9/20

Zach Condon’s success has gone mostly unnoticed by the general public, but fans of underground music might recognize this native New Mexican by his widely inspired orchestra-style tunes. Somewhat of an overnight story, Beirut, as Condon is professionally known, really takes from all over the world by combining african drumbeats, middle eastern horns and rhythms and good ol’ indie rock lyrics and vocals. See his live show this week in his second home: Brooklyn, but try to get there early just in case because it should be a good show. Plus he’s playing in a Masonic Temple, which is pretty badass.

RIYL: Gogol Bordello, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bright Eyes

Monday, September 10

Dan Deacon, et al. @ The Yard 9/16

This Sunday afternoon delivers what may be your last outdoor show until next summer, at "The Yard" (outside of where the Issue Project Room used to be) in South Brooklyn. At the helm of the ship is casiotone-wielding weirdo Dan Deacon, who describes his music as what really cool six-year-olds might come up with if given free reign of an array of vintage keyboards and pitch shifters.

Full lineup:
Dan Deacon
Best Fwends
Bill Cosby & His White Puddin' Pops
High Places

2 pm, The Yard
400 Carroll St, Brooklyn

Dan Deacon:

Wednesday, September 5

The E-Xecutioners - The Knitting Factory - 09/05

The New York based, DJ group extraordinaire known as The X-Ecutioners are heading downtown for a night of scratch mayhem. It's a rare occasion to witness multiple turntablists working together on one stage. Since the disbanding of The Invisibl Skratch Picklz in 2000, there have been hardly any followers nothwithstanding the X who've excelled and gained comparable recognition as a turntablist band. Consisting of Rob Swift, Roc Raida, DJ Eclipse and Mista Sinista, the X-Ecutioners tend to dismiss melody in favor of a kind of rhythm that could be considered experimental or avant-garde. The idea that not one, but four DJs can scratch a word, such as "Fresh" and break down its sound and pitch into a sequence of reverberating fragments is something worth seeing.

Tuesday, September 4

AGAINST ME! @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn – 9/5

Blowing up would be an apt way to describe Against Me!’s meteoric success story this year. Touring behind what Spin magazine described as “the best rock record of the year” and including appearances at Lollapalooza and Letterman, their current tour is in a whirlwind. This Gainsville, Florida quartet combines old school hardcore punk and folk/protest music to make music that, this is the fun part, sounds nothing like Green Day. These guys are not new to the scene by any stretch of the imagination, having been working on their craft for nearly ten years now, but sometimes it takes time for people to notice. You can go notice them this week in Brooklyn…just please don’t confuse them with Rise Against.

RIYL: Black Flag, Billy Bragg, Replacements, Bad Religion

Against Me! on Conan: