Monday, August 28

Tonight - Titus Andronicus @ Pianos - $8 Ages 21+

If you are on the fence with your decision to see this band, maybe these clips will help your decision (clip1, clip2).

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Tonight - Adem @ Joe’s Pub - $15 All Ages - 9:30

Don't forget to check out Adem tonight at Joe's Pub. In this clip below, courtesy of youtube, he sing's Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line" (Merry F-Ing Christmas Levi, better thank adem for this post). If you are interested in having your music featured in commercials, movies, tv shows, should check out Pump Audio. Watch this clip for a little taste of his live show, but be warned - the audio is pretty bad.

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Sunday, August 27

More Good Music under $20

Spinto Band @ South Street Seaport - FREE - Friday 9/1
My am I happy I came across this Delaware outfit. Just in the nickel of time…as I spent my last dime treating my buddies to tickets to the September 26th
Grizzly Bear Show. (that was my attempt at a pun…I need a writer over here.) But seriously, The Spinto Band combines carefully textured instrumental backing with thoughtfully melodic and delightfully harmonic vocal melodies. They truly understand how to give a tune movement – thus taking the listener along for the ride, and they happen to be playing a free show this Friday at South Street Seaport. So that means…you get to be the COOL friend who gets to see the buzz worthy band for free and when you see how awesome they are…you can get one of your poser friends to treat you to tickets to one of their 2 other (paid) NYC shows in mid-october. Just make sure you come back to NYCUG for reminders.

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Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Galapagos Art Space - Saturday 9/2
Lord-A-Mercy…that’s a lot to remember after a FAT BLUNT, but you might have to since it’s gonna be tough getting into the SOLD OUT - Explosions in the Sky show, and this is the other best show in town. Giant Panda or GPGDS (that’s almost as complicated as NYCUG) has shared the stage with roots legends like The Wailers and jam band main-stayers String Cheese Incident. NYCUG gives all praises due to Giant Panda, and urges you to get a little irie-I and bring yourself out to Galapagos for a good show. Easy Now.

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Saturday, August 26

Last chance for SOLD OUT shows!!!

Justin Timberlake @ Roseland – Sold Out – Thursday 8/31
I’m here to introduce you to this Artist named Justin Timberlake, since he’s totally underground…Ok, I know he is not Underground. In fact, he may be considered the anti-underground. But he happens to be the featured talent on the most elusive bill this week... aside from maybe the MTV VMAs. If you are not one of the lucky few J-Tim fans who were able to get Tickets at On-sale and you still want to
get SEXIFIED…you’ve come to the right place!

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Explosions in the Sky @ Bowery Ballroom - SOLD OUT - Saturday 9/2
I learned about Explosions in the Sky from myfriend who had just returned from Malaysia. She was asking me about shows that she should check out, and mentioned that she had spent the past year listening to the Explosions in the Sky tracks she had taken with her. Since this was the only piece of music she took with her from the US, I decided to give them a listen. Not only were they awesome, but apparently I was way behind the ball on this band. The Austin, TX based band has been together since 1999, released 5 albums between 2002 – 2005, and wrote the majority of the soundtrack to the 2004
Peter Berg film, Friday Night Lights. The Temporary Residence Limited show featuring the band is SOLD OUT, but we have your source for last minute tickets.

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You won't want to miss...

Dinosaur Jr. w/ Blood on the Wall & Mouthus @ Warsar - $20 Ages 21+ - 8/29 @ 8:00

Following their very successful, and highly unlikely 2005 reunion, the members of Dinosaur Jr. soldiered on into 2006 bringing their blistering live show to all corners of the globe. Since the unlikely reunion began the band has played sold out shows all across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. Despite being apart for so many years recent live reviews almost universally suggest that the legendary trioĆ­s stage-show is stronger, louder and tighter than ever.

I was a little late getting to know Dinosaur Jr., but i've been listening religously ever since I saw them at last years' Siren Festival. I don't know a whole lot about the other two bands, but from what I hear of Blood on the Wall, i'm curious to see them live. Check out these links for more on Dinosaur Jr.

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Good Music under $20

Adem @ Joe’s Pub - $15 All Ages - Monday 8/28
British singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Adem Ilhan writes pastoral pop that's augmented by eclectic instrumentation and wistful and irreverent lyrics.

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Titus Andronicus @ Pianos - $8 Ages 21+ - Monday 8/28
"There are all sorts of things going on in a Titus Andronicus song besides indie rock riffs; horns, harmonicas, vocal distortion, a cappella refrains, and joyful shoe stomps to name but a few. And the end result is just so damn delightful, it's enough to soften even the shells of die-hard "Spiderland" fans." -

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