Monday, October 30


This year’s Bar/None Records showcase features two of the hottest bands around in the Slip and Oppenheimer. The Slip hail from Providence, Rhode Island as a jazzy jam band that has toured all over the world with a mission to knock people’s socks off. They have worked with the likes of the Allman Brothers and Mark Ellard, and even have a track off their new album on the video game Guitar Hero, proving their widespread influence. A new addition to the Bar/None roster, the Slip puts on one of the best live performances you will see, so catch them while they are still playing clubs before their popularity skyrockets.

The boys from Oppenheimer have a bit of a different story. Hailing from the cold and foggy reaches of Northern Ireland, Shaun and Rocky weren’t even in a band more than a year before the folks at Bar/None heard their demo and signed them up immediately. It wasn’t long before BBC radio hailed them as the next big thing out of Ireland, mainly on the heels of their breakout single “Breakfast in NYC”. Their crafty execution of electro-pop and flytrap-like catchiness makes this act a sure thing, especially for the Moog or vocoder enthusiast in all of us.

Exclusive HALLOWEEN promo: BASSNECTAR @ ELEMENT - 11PM and Beyond

The name could not be more on point for what Bassnectar brings to a venue: hard hitting bass mixed with sweet juicy rhythms. Now that he has just rocked his native San Francisco, he’s coming back to NYC to deliver a performance that was announced several weeks ago in front of a packed dancefloor at Element. Ever since then, I’ve been bumping his most recent album, “Mesmerizing The Ultra,” released by Amorphous Music. Similar to other top notch big beat heads, Bassnectar tactfully bends songs out of their normal shape and then blends them seamlessly together to create a kaleidoscope of sounds that’ll have your body swinging and bouncing in ways you didn’t think was possible. The disco ball that dangles down from Element’s cavernous ceiling is going to be spinning until dawn, so if you’ve been out but you’re still craving something delicious, this might be the right treat for you.

CMJ Music Marathon

OMG this week is like a concert lover’s wet dream. The CMJ music marathon brings to us a week filled with over 100 concerts throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and below is a short list of shows you must see, even if you have to perform sexual acts to get in.

If you are like me and did not spring for the $400 CMJ Badge, don’t worry; you can still enjoy the festivities. Just check with the individual venue box offices, which you can find through their websites, and show up early and you should be fine. I called a few venues to get an idea of which shows would reach capacity. If you don’t want to be disappointed, I suggest you try to call a head also.

Also, we are pleased to announce that NYCUG is throwing an after party for our friends Rose’s Pawn Shop! They’ve been in NYC for the past month giging hard and I’ve taken a liking to them. Help us give them a warm send off.

Tuesday 10/31
Hammerstein -- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Medeski Martin & Wood
The Delancey -- Dragons of Zynth + others

Wednesday 11/1
Bowery -- TapesnTapes, Dr. Dog, Cold War Kids + others – SOLD OUT
Parkside Lounge –- NYCUG After Party featuring Rose's Pawn Shop
Cake Shop -- Beach House + others
Knitting Factory -- The Slits, Genghis Tron + others
Mercury -- Girl Talk, Figurines, Canada + others
Northsix -- Magnolia Electric Co, Cex, Fog + others
Webster -- The Knife

Thursday 11/2
Bowery -- Shins, Album Leaf, Thermals, CSS, Elected, Oxford Collpse (Subpop showcase) – SOLD OUT
Knitting Factory -- Blue Cheer + others
Skirball Center -- The Walkmen
Webster -- Hot Chip, Gang Gang Dance

Friday 11/3
Arlene's Grocery -- Bop records showcase (Asteroid No. 4, Morning After Girls)
Hammerstein -- The Decemberists – SOLD OUT
Maritime Hotel -- Deerhoof, Erase Errata, Excepter
Irving Plaza -- Architecture in Helsinki, Apples in Stereo + others
Nokia Theater -- Black Angels, Black Keys
Pianos -- Plastic Constellations, Thunderbirds are Now!
Warsaw -- Secret Machines (also Saturday)

Saturday 11/4
Maritime -- The Fall
Mercury Lounge -- French Kicks, The Tyde, Nethers + others

Full Listing of CMJ Shows

Sunday, October 29

CSS @ Apple Store Soho 10/31

What better way to kick off yr Hallowe'en than by getting down to some hottt Brazilian mutant disco at the Apple Store in Soho?

CSS may claim to be tired of being sexy-- but it's clear that their #1 priority is to get you to dance yr ass off. Check out some of their jamz (including the overwhelmingly catchy single "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above") here.

What's that? A free show, you say!? Count me in.

Show starts @ 3pm. Be sure to get there early.
info: Apple Store Soho

CSS is also playing Bowery Ballroom (with the Shins, the Album Leaf, and the Thermals) on Thursday. It's sold out to the general public, but people with CMJ passes can get in (again, be sure to be there early).

THE FORMS @ Sin-E, Monday 10/30, 8pm

I guess you could say The Forms let it all hang out, though not with the kind of swagger you’d expect. In fact, everything these guys do seems to be a bit understated, often letting drums and reverb-heavy guitar patterns guide the way as each tune works its way to a blistering high-point before receding. Vocals blend in like an instrument at times, putting texture and overall arrangement ahead of all else. Even so, even in 4/4 these guys put together complex rhythmic patterns that keep even the mellowest of songs alive with energy and momentum.

Not quite emo, but a fair comparison might be to the loosest parts of a Death Cab for Cutie song, or maybe Copeland.

Either way, these guys are definitely worth checking out live at Sin-E on Monday, 10/30. You’ve got a long week ahead- better de-stress early with some great mellow music on a Monday night. (listen)

Thursday, October 26

LOVE IS ALL @ Knitting Factory main stage, 10/27

Straight out of Sweden, Love is All has all the energy of a pack of mentos dropping into a Coke bottle, taking a decidedly upbeat and fun twist on the post-punk scene. Even so, this quintet’s sound is anything but naïve.

The four guys- Nicholaus, Fredrick, Markus, Johan (yes, they’re REALLY Swedish), and female lead singer and keyboardist- Josephine Olausson (she’s Swedish too) churn out steady-bopping baselines and sing-along choruses, but even so, there remains a thread of the uncertainty and angst that lends a sense of credibility and know-how to every shining-happy note.

These guys had some serious buzz building up earlier this year after a substantial tour, and now’s your chance to check them out again in New York. They’re at the Knitting Factory main stage this Friday with Cause Co-Motion! and Devastations. (listen)

CARY BROTHERS w/ the Hotel Café Tour @ Bowery Ballroom – Sat. 10/28 - $20/$17 Adv.

If you have seen the movie Garden State or heard the soundtrack (if you’re reading this I’m guessing you have) then you might recognize Cary Brothers’ hit song “Blue Eyes”. While in fact a singular human being and not a combination of siblings, Brothers has been making quite a buzz in the past couple of years, mainly with the help of Zach Braff’s nose and the person connected to it by way of musical placement on the sometimes clever television show Scrubs. Brothers originally made his name, along with many other artists, at the LA singer/songwriter joint Hotel Café, from which the name of this tour comes. And while just the thought of Los Angeles with its sunshine and perma-smiles makes most New Yorkers physically ill, it’s never too late to jump on a bandwagon and catch the presumably soon-to-be very popular Brothers in concert.

Find out more about the Hotel Café Tour here.

Check out Cary’s Myspace page here.

SKALOWEEN f. TOASTERS + PIETASTERS @ Knitting Factory – Sun. 10/29 - $17

An incredibly stupid name veils a big time concert at a bargain price. The Toasters were virtually one of the first American ska bands to exist and paved the way for the ska explosion of the 90’s. Influenced by the likes of Madness and the Specials, British ex-pat Robert Hingley formed the band in New York in the early 1980’s and released a few singles on his own label, Moon. Since then, the Toasters have released several albums and changed their lineup many times, but Hingley still remains at the core. The Pietasters, on the other hand, are a much more recent ska band, hailing from Washington DC and have also released a few records on the Moon label. Now you have a chance to catch them both on the main stage at the Knitting Factory this Sunday. Skank!

Here is the Toasters website.

Here is the Pietasters website.

Prurient @ Glasslands 10/27

Prurient (AKA noise pioneer Dominik Fernow) is playing Glassland Gallery in Brooklyn this Friday. Fernow is an organizer of sound: specifically, microphone feedback, amplifier squeal, percussive clanging, and other various forms of confusion and disarray.

Beware though, casual music listener! This sort of thing is all sorts of unconventional, even unlistenable to the unprepared ear. For many, Prurient is the audio equivalent of listening to a fucking headache. Some, however, will be captivated by Fernow's performance, and will actually enjoy the throbbing in their skull. In any case, consider yourself warned.

Fellow noisemakers Mouthus and Air Conditioning are playing in addition.

info: 8pm @ 289 Kent Ave @ S 1st St Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

Wednesday, October 25

BE GOOD TANYAS w/ Katy Pfaffl @ Living Room – Thu 10/26 - $15

Blending country and folk music, the Be Good Tanyas, continue the female singer/songwriter genre, channeling such predecessors as Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris. With gentle guitars and reflective lyrics, this trio deserves to be in a class with contemporaries such as Neko Case and Laura Cantrell. They will be playing the Living Room this Thursday with the up-and-coming Katy Pfaffl, so for a relaxing night of good folk music, check them out.

Here is their website.

DR. JOHN @ BB King’s Blues Club - Fri 10/27 - $35/$30 Adv.

A lot has been said about the city of New Orleans in the past year and it cannot be overlooked that one of the most prominent exports over the decades has been innovative music. From delta blues to jazz, N’awlins musical output has been constantly changing the way we look at music and Dr. John is no exception. Although he has been making music since the 1950’s, Dr. John the Night Tripper (as he calls himself) never really gained the popularity he probably deserved. Combining a sort of voodoo blues and psychedelic rock styling, his music is eclectic to say the least and his influence has reached the likes of modern psychedelic band such as Gris Gris (named after a Dr. John album) and Spiritulized. He will fittingly be playing at BB King’s this weekend, so now is your chance to catch a living NOLA legend.

Check out his tunes on Myspace.

Tuesday, October 24

GOTAN PROJECT @ Webster Hall - Wed 10/25 - 30a/35d

After having surfaced five years ago with the album “La Revancha del Tango”, the Gotan Project has since become more and more recognized. Their distinctive sound can be characterized by lush vocals and intoxicating bandoneon rhythms played over slick uptempo beats. The bandoneon, a South American instrument which sounds similar to an accordian, would sound dated and bizarre in the wrong hands. Yet, the Gotan Project masterfully put it to use in a way that can evoke an elegant Parisian promenade or an upscale lounge in Buenas Aires. Their curtain call is sure to have ladies and gentleman doing the tango on the balcony of Webster Hall. Go experience it for yourself!

Monday, October 23

The Rapture @ Webster Hall 10/30 - $22a/ $25d

With the passing of summer and the coming of the uninvited breezes of winter, also exiting is my daily jovial temperment. To counteract that annual occurance, my doctor has recomended I reduce my intake of down-beat and ambient music and inject a small dose of dance and pop. "That's a little harsh," I says, as my doctor hands me "pieces of the people we love" by The Rapture. He says, "Listen to this once a week, maybe catch a show and you should be fine. Call me if you start to build a tolerance."

So, I listened to the album. Felt pretty good. Now I'm going to catch the soon-to-be sold-out Webster Hall show. They are playing this concert before playing a sold out Bowery on openining night of the CMJ Music Marathon(check back for more coverage). If you are feeling the winter blues comming, or you just want to dance, I think you should come too!

Check out their funky website.

Listen to their tunes and become their friends on myspace.

Get tickets to the show here.

Thank us for the info by leaving a comment!

THE ISLES- Tuesday 10/24 @ Europa- 8pm

Okay, so before you dismiss The Isles as just another Brooklyn band that grew up in the Morrissey fan club, look again.

In many ways, The Isles may take us back to the 80’s alternative Brit-pop scene, but there’s also a distinctively modern edge here that, especially on their newest release, Perfumed Lands, pushes this familiar sound forward into… whatever we’re calling this decade these days.

Sure, Interpol sounds like Joy Division, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a critic genuinely willing to argue that they haven’t evolved that sound into their own. In the same way, The Isles start from the Smiths and work out, carving out their own territory with the same ease that they conjure up Johnny Marr.

So the real question becomes- are these guys really an evolution? Or just an imitation?

Check them out on Tuesday at Europa and decide for yourself. (listen)

Vice Records: 120 Days, Dysrhythmia, WZT Hearts @ Union Pool 10/24

Tuesday night at Brooklyn's Union Pool, Vice Records is showcasing their recent signees 120 Days, plus a pair of non-Vice all-stars.

120 Days is a synth-heavy Norwegian electro band, taking on the churning 4/4 motorik sounds of early 70's Krautrock acts like Neu! and Kraftwerk. (listen)

Dysrhythmia are a noisy guitar rock band, with hardcore and metal influences. These dudes clearly love all things Steve Albini-related. (listen)

WZT Hearts are like Boredoms' whiny little brother from Baltimore: rhythmic, sweeping, powerful, subtle. That said, they are pretty fucking good- not to be missed. (listen)

120 Days are also playing Mercury Lounge on Wednesday 10/25.

Friday, October 20

Supersystem @ Northsix 10/21

Former Dischord band El Guapo christened themselves Supersystem in 2005 and have since released two albums under the new moniker. This DC/NYC quartet makes out-of-this-world dance music, tinged with middle-eastern guitar riffs, Human League synth lines, and house beats. Sounds interesting, no? Check out some of their jamz here.

RIYL: The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Out Hud, Q and Not U

I've seen this band twice, and I assure you, they do not disappoint.

Buy tix.

Thursday, October 19








(between E. Houston St. & Stanton St.) 866-468-7619



NYCUG Launch Party Photos- 10/12 @ Plan B

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the NYCUG Launch! And a big thanks to our staff photgrapher, Tory, for taking the time to capture the night and get up close with the bands and DJs. Especially since most of us are a little hazy on the details. Feel free to post comments or request a copy of any of the shots below, and we'll send them right out to you.

Enjoy the pics.. and check back soon for more updates from NYCUG on the next event.

The Black Hollies & Rosewood Thieves - 10/20 - R & R - 9pm

Setting up shop this Friday at R&R are The Black Hollies, The Rosewood Thieves, and The Picture. While most everyone out there will probably focus their attention on this show’s headliner, The Black Hollies, with their towering classic rock sound evoking Zeppelin, Cream, and co., the band that really intrigues me going into Friday isn’t the Hollies, but The Rosewood Thieves.

Think the John Lennon side of the late Beatles. Think Elliott Smith on Either/Or. The Rosewood Thieves debut album, From the Decker House EP, smacks of these influences, with maybe a touch of Whiskeytown (or is it The Band?) thrown in for good measure. Strong melodies- catchy but not obnoxiously so- and sweeping arrangements both fresh and familiar are all par for the course for these thieves. Check ‘em out this Friday at R&R.

Oh, and even though opener Lolita Bras had to cancel at the last minute for a "family emergency," don't miss them in November. For most shows, they’re worth the price of admission alone.

Frank Black @ Warsaw 10/20 & @ Irving Plaza 10/23

After a wildly successful 2005 Pixies reunion tour, frontman Black Francis has proved that he's still got it. Frank is playing a handful of solo gigs in support of his most recent album Fast Man Raider Man. He'll be at Warsaw Saturday night & at Irving Plaza on Monday night.
Some dude named Reid Paley is opening both shows.

Why should you go? Because Surfer Rosa and Doolittle are two of the best albums ever recorded, and Frank's solo work is none too bad either.

Tickets are a little pricey at $25 apiece, but you can get 'em here and here.

Tuesday, October 17

DJ Shadow with Lateef The Truth Speaker - Webster Hall - $35/$32 In Adv - 10/17 & 10/18

Ten years ago an underground DJ emerged from the Bay Area with an album called “Endtroducing.” By weaving samples of non-mainstream artists into the fabric of his work and using distinctive, intricate drum breaks, Shadow produced one of the quintessential trip-hop albums to date (preferable on a dark rainy night or when you wanna chill out and don't want lyrics). Now, the frightening thing is that Shadow also gets very ill on the wheels of steel, doing straight-up party shit which is evident on his recent mixtape, “Funky Skunk.” For the next two days he’s DJing alongside Quannum labelmate Lateef the Truth Speaker, at Webster Hall, so expect to get the West Coast conscious rap style and grade-A beats.

Saturday, October 14

NYCUG Launch Party was a blast!!!

The night kicked off a little after 8:00 with Dizzy D Spinning to a light crowd. As the hour approached it's end, partiers began entering in droves to hear Dizzy's extended set while waiting, with great anticipation, to hear Bad News spit that diabolical ill shit.

My anticipation rose, this being our first live concert-party. I grabed the mic and said a few words to intro Bad News and officially kick of the event. Bad News did us proud! They approached the mic with phenomenal energy; made a little room in the packed crowd (Did you hear me? It was 9:30 and the spot was packed.) and proceeded to blow everyone off their feet and pick the wallflowers from their seats. Immediately following their set they were greeted with praise for their hard hitting and comedic lyrical content as well as their well thought out, presence filled live performance. Truly entertaining! They also made me look good as I was immediately congratulated for my first live talent choice.

Immediately following ,we hit a slight bump, as DJ Treats was transitioning from Dizzy's Vinyl set up to his laptop. He remained stoic and slipped in an ipod while he and Avri trouble shot the laptop. Within minutes he began spinning...never missing a beat. The crowd was immediately invigorated by his set. With great intuitive understanding of the overall event, Treats seamlessly transitioned from the hip-hop hustlers Bad News and set the stage for the tripped-out experimental jazz/rock band that would follow, Jounce.

By 11:15, when Jounce made their way to the performance floor, Plan B was so packed that they barely had room for their amps and pedals. With the aid of the events staff, they got the room they needed, warmed up, and following a moving intro by Alex, they began playing one of the most up-close-and-personal sets of there young yet experienced careers. They careened in and out of funked up jam sessions and memorable rock riffs to elevate the already amped crowd to an all-new high. At this point I was working the door and watched as previously unaware passer-bys got sucked in and gladly donated 5-bucks to rock out with Jounce and NYCUG!

All in all it was a great night and I feel sorry for those who wanted to come and ended up missing it. A lot of people helped make the event what it was, and for that I want to say thank you. Alex, John, Dimitri - thanks for your help in making the event come to life. Anthony - thanks for designing the flyer, that shit was dope! Badnews, Jounce, Treats - thanks for providing the audio ambiance for all the partygoers. Tori - Thanks for shooting photos of the night. Bec, Kiji, Phoebe and whoever else that helped pack this shit out - Thanks! Most of all, thanks to all of those who made it to the party, who read our blog, and for your past and future support! Be sure to spread the word and to check out NYCUG for all the hottest concerts in NYC and for future parties we throw.

Be sure to return for photos from the night!

Okkervil River @ Bowery Ballroom 10/14 & 10/15

Austin's Okkervil River is bringin' it for a pair of shows at Bowery thisweekend, with their particular blend of indie-folk-rock. Just one listen to their outstanding 2005 single "For Real" is reason enough to go. Soaring vocals + intelligent lyrics + an interesting alt-country instrumentation = a good time.

RIYL: Wilco, Band Of Horses, the Decemberists, the Mountain Goats

Folkster Elvis Perkins is opening the Saturday show, &indie-pop sensation the Mendoza line is opening the Sunday show.

Friday, October 13

NYCUG – CBGB Special

Well, we all knew the day would come when CBGB’s, the granddaddy and one of the most notorious punk venues on the planet, finally shut its doors forever. After months upon months of ‘are they or aren’t they’ speculation, the final week of CB’s existence as we know it is at hand. Although the majority of the shows are already sold out, if you have never been to the garbage infested hipster hideaway on the Bowery, now’s your last chance to check it out. So here it is; NYC Underground’s super-fantastic sendoff to the home of Underground Music! The remaining shows will prove to be epic, awe-inspiring, and you might just see some unexpected guests drop by…

Friday, October 13th SOLD OUTDictators w/ Sic F*cks and the Bullys
There’s something strange brewing at CBGB’s this week. One of the most under rated punk bands in history are playing at the historic venue before it gets turned into high end condos for Wall Street types. Plus it’s on Friday the 13th. Plus it’s right before Halloween. And it would be perfect for there to be a full moon that night, but that ain’t happening. But you do have a chance to see the Dictators in all their glory. This band really should have been more popular than they were, but they were ahead of their time. While most proto-punk bands at the time wrote songs about their crappy lives, the Dictators took it a step further and made a joke out of the whole world. Now is the time for you to get in on the joke. Get tickets if you possibly can for a night (or two) of good old fashion punk rock at its birthplace and you won’t be disappointed.

Saturday, October 14th SOLD OUTThe Dictators, A Special Acoustic Performance by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, The Waldos

Continuing the weeklong festivities are members of longtime CBGB mainstays Blondie, this time performing acoustically. One could only imagine what Rapture sounds like on an acoustic guitar and alas, Deborah Harry doesn’t look like she used to, but it is a fitting tribute and another nearly impossible ticket to get your hands on. If you do happen to have a ticket to this show, you probably know someone who knows someone, but for the rest of us, we will have to wait for the bootleg.

Sunday, October 15th SOLD OUT8:00Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty, Tony Shanahan
This is it; the last hurrah. Getting a ticket for this show is downright impossible as is just about guaranteed to amaze. If there is any show that will be loaded to the brim with special guests and industry types, this is the one. Most people already know who Patti Smith is and what she has done in the punk scene. It is a fitting goodbye for the venue and all the years it has kept its finger to the pulse of the underground music scene. This will be a grand finale. If you do have a ticket to this one, I envy you because once this show is over, they are going to start dismantling the place immediately, but will be talking about this show for decades.

So there it is ladies and gentlemen, NYCUG’s final goodbye to the club/bar/fire hazard called Country Bluegrass Blues and Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers. And after quarts of blood have been spilled, dozens of overdoses have taken place, and countless children have been conceived, one can’t help but wonder: ‘Is there anything less punk than moving the venue to Times Square and/or opening CBGB’s West in Las Vegas???’


Oh by the way, don’t worry about Hilly…he still makes about $2 million a year from T-shirt sales.

-Posted by James Douglass

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins 10/13 @ Town Hall

Rilo Kiley front woman and general all-around indie sweetheart Jenny Lewis released her side project on Team Love, Conor Oberst’s label of Bright Eyes fame. And while not making cameo appearances on various television show, she also tours behind her new record, Rabbit Fur Coat, and now is the chance you have to catch her live act. With the enlisted help of twin sisters, Chandra and Leigh Watson, the chanteuse Lewis creates lovely folk pop melodies. While it certainly takes from Rilo Kiley, this side project is much more singer-songwriter focused and minimal. So if you are a fan of Rilo Kiley or Jenny Lewis or, hey, even the Watson Twins, this show is for you.

Submitted by James D

Brad Mehldau 10/13 – 10/15 @ Village Vanguard

Here at NYCUG, we’re always looking for new and exciting music, and although jazz piano may not fit your fancy, this guy is worth checking out. While he is technically a jazz pianist, the average concert fan may be more amazed by his knack for turning popular rock songs into lush, sweeping piano solos. Mr. Mehldau gained notoriety early in his career by playing with the likes of jazz giants Jimmy Cobb and Joshua Redman. He then fell into praise with the indie rock crowd in the late nineties for covering hipster darlings Radiohead on record and during live performances. You can check out his latest release on Nonesuch with Renee Fleming entitled Love Sublime. Mehldau does not tour as much as his fans would like, so if you are a fan, or are just interested, he will be in NYC almost all week and probably won’t be back for a while.

Submitted by James D

Wednesday, October 11

Bad News @ NYCUG Launch Party 10/12

Birthed from the carnival midway, social experimentation, and their parent’s sexual bloopers Bad News is exactly that. New York based MC’s, Guess Who and Filthy Rich, have teamed up with hip-hops hardest working producers to bring you strong lyrics, comedic content and hard hitting beats to get you off of your feet. "They make music for the kidz, it’s all over the place" Bad News pulls as much influence from limericks and Ike Turner as it does the Fat Boys and Rakim and keeps you coming back like an open face coke buffet.

We are proud to have Bad News help us celebrate our Launch. Make sure you are there for all the craziness!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Flyer Designed by our friend Anthony

Tuesday, October 10

HELLO STRANGER @ PIANOS - 10/10, 10/17, 10/24

Feed your need for some 80’s pop and get more for your buck because if you like Hello Stranger then you’re in luck. The LA rock group is playing six shows in NYC between now and November 2nd as their tour takes them up and down the east coast and eventually back out west. So if you haven't seen or heard them then now is the time. They will mix it up so that you'll get those 80's rhythms but also some funky vibes and Spanish lyrics. Check em out! The band is made up of female vocalist, Juliette Commagere, guitarist/keyboardist Jared Smith, Ben Messelbeck on bass and Joachim Cooder on drums. Their album, produced by the drummer’s dad, Ry Cooder, is “an auspicious debut” (Prefix Magazine).

Jounce @ NYCUG Launch Party 10/12

Jounce is the definition of a party Band – with DJ like precision, they read the crowd, reach into their deep library of tunes and play exactly what the crowd needs at that very moment. The foursome has spent the greater part of the past 7 years jamming in basements, parties, and local bars – honing in on a style of music that can best be described as Experimental Jazz/Rock.

These guys are an extremely talented, hard working, and close-knit bunch. NYCUG is proud to have them join us in kicking off a new movement in NYC Underground Music.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Flyer Designed by our friend Anthony

Monday, October 9

The List (10/10 - 10/5) NYCUG Launch, Jose Gonzalez and more!

Thanks again for checking out this weeks list.

This is a week many of us will remember for a while. On one hand we have a couple new acts that have been aggresively touring, garnering critical acclaim and who have the potential to be mainstays in rock music. On the other hand we have a couple heritage acts who are in the city to say goodbye to an iconic music venue. So it goes in the industry or in business in general; in with the new and out with the old. Money rules over tradition, over memories and unfortunately - over music. To that I say, live in the moment, relish these acts that you can OWN. If even just for the moment. Go to the smaller venues a hear them up close. For when big business gets a hold of them, it's just not the same.

With that said, we wish to start a little tradition of our own. With your help and support, big business will have to contend with true music fans. Join us at the NYCUG Launch Party. The first of many parties to come - we've curated a sweet line up of acts, secured a sexy little venue and are providing drink specials cheap enough to get even NYC college students tipsy. Don't forget to come celebrate with us this Thursday, 10/12 from 8:00PM to 4:00AM.

The List

Jose Gonzalez @ Brooklyn Lyceum

Bad Brains @ CBGB



Okkervil River and Elvis Perkins @ Bowery Ballroom


Tuesday, October 3

The List (10/2 - 10/8)

Yea buddy! This is a good week for shows...seems like in NYC it's hard to have a bad music week anyway.

Built to Spill play Warsaw tonight. The critically acclaimed Easy Star All-Stars play the Bowery Wednesday. Thursday is pretty dope, with Steel Pulse playing the Bowery and the Brazilian Girls at Webster Hall. That night is a toss up for me.

Friday, Ratatat play that electronic crazy shit at the Guggenheim...trippy; art and music. Saturday we have a local unearthed gem called Paragraph playing at Siberia. If they are too trippy for you, Metal Hearts is another up and coming band you should to check out. Sunday, I recommend some Yerba Buena at Irving Plaza.

Built to Spill at Warsaw
Steel Pulse at the Canal Room
Brazilian Girls at Webster Hall
Ratatat at the Guggenheim
Paragraph at Siberia
Metal Hearts at Mercury Lounge
Yerba Buena at Irving Plaza

Previous List

If you like the service we provide...come toast with us at the official NYCUG Launch Party! Not only will their be cheap drinks, but we assembled a choice group of local talents to entertain us. On the 1s and 2s - Dizzy D(8:00), Treats(9:30-10:30)and DD Rej(12:00). Doing it Live - Bad Newz (9:00) and Jounce (10:30).
We hope to see you at the party. Be sure to check back through out the week our thought and experiences with the performers and for more information about the night.

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Flyer Designed by our friend Anthony