Saturday, December 23

Congrats to the Parlor Mob on tomorrow's live TV appearance!

NYCUG here - giving a warm congrats to our homies, and one of the most talented emerging acts out there, the Parlor Mob.

They are playing on Live TV tomorrow, Saturday night the 23rd of December at 1:00 A.M. on Fox 5, on Fearless Music TV(this is technically Sunday Morning but you get the point). Go to for the Fearless website to see what channel it airs on for you. It's on Fox; NJ/NY area, that's channel 5. Tune in and watch their performance.

You can then see them live, up-close-and-personal, on New Years, as they help us ring in the New Year at the inaugural NYCUG New Years Celebration.

Click the flyer for details.

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don't forget - Fearless Music, Fox 5, Sunday/ Saturdayish at 1:00 A.M.

Thursday, December 21

TK Webb @ Europa 12/22

Have the pre-holiday blues? Then check out the Social Registry's token gritty-folk-singer TK Webb @ Greenpoint's Europa this Friday.

Webb is not your typical dude-with-an-acoustic-guitar-and-harmonica. Sure, he channels Neil Young & Bob Dylan just like everyone else-- but he's also got an abundance of the "Waiting for the Man" guitar-chugging cool so lacking in Average Joe Indiefolk.

check out his tunes here, and buy tickets here.

Tuesday, December 19


Here’s one for you outsider music enthusiasts. This is a band literally comprised of the Trachtenburg family; Jason (the father), Tina (the mother), and Rachel (the daughter). While Jason sings and plays guitar, Rachel drums fairly well for a young’un and Tina clicks her way through old slides of family vacations, various landmarks and road stops. Tina also used to bake food for the audience, but their popularity has increased a little too much so she had to put a stop to that, but you might get lucky. Although Jason looks like a David Cross character, the topics of the songs may be a bit bizarre to most people and his voice can get very annoying at times, however, you will see a better drummer in Rachel than, say, Meg White. You can also pick up their release on Bar/None records if you feel so inclined.

RIYL: Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, The Frogs

Tuesday, December 12

Psychic Ills & Indian Jewelry @ Knitting Factory 12/16

Psychic Ills and Indian Jewelry are closing their joint U.S. tour this Saturday at the Knitting Factory. It is a night of kicked-out jamz not to be missed.

The Social Registry's latest it-band, NYC's own Psychic Ills, create a seamless blend of psychedelia, drone, and shoegaze; imagine an even-spacier Spacemen 3. Their live show is a captivating and somewhat overwhelming spectacle (expect a full-on wall-of-sound assault). Check out some of their tunes on the band's myspace.

Indian Jewelry come from a similar school of thought as their touring buddies: they too encorporate electronics and psychedelia amidst their (carefully-planned) chaos & confusion. Have a listen here.

Psychic Ill's fellow Social Reg. labelmates Telepathe are opening.


Monday, December 11

THE EX w/ Aloha @ Knitting Factory – 12/13

Post-punk granddaddies The Ex reprieve their angst-ridden songwriting from the early 80’s to a new generation of the disenfranchised, all of which is on display this week at the Knitting Factory. Formed in Holland over two decades ago, The Ex was a forerunner in the experimental noise genre coupled with the political and social commentary mostly associated with punk music. They were never really overly commercially successful and some claim their pitfall may have been their ingenuity, as due to their guidance, the post-punk genre started to lead to other genres such as industrial music in the late 80’s. No one can argue their influence, however, which has led them to work with such music industry giants as the late John Peel and Steve Albini. Jazzy experimentalists Aloha will join them this Wednesday.

RIYL: Crass, Sonic Youth, Wire, Einsturzende Neubauten

Sunday, December 10

Krs-One @ S.O.B.'s - 12/11 - 8pm - $20

Native New Yorker, Kris Parker, also known as blastmaster KRS-One is taking it to the S.O.B.’s this Tuesday...a rowdy and uplifting affair you won’t wanna miss. Hailed as “the teacher”/metaphysical philosopher in the hip-hop world, his appearance signals that class is in seshion. Unlike the majority of rappers, KRS has never hesitated to address social issues regarding faith, American culture and the current state of hip-hop. For those in attendance at his show, KRS is gonna challenge you to perceive hip-hop as more than just a source of entertainment. “You are not just doing hip-hop, you are hip-hop/like if you have a badge and a gun you are the cop/like if you practice medicine you are the doc/you just forgot that rappers rap about cars a lot.” Despite his lack of commercial exposure, KRS’s unrivaled longevity in the rap game (’87-today) is a testament to his underground appeal and lasting substance as an emcee. Go see how Knowledge.Reigns.Supreme-Over.nearly.everyone aka KRS-One breaks it down.

Monday, December 4

LOW @ Bowery Ballroom – Wed 12/06

Low hails from Duluth, MN as a forerunner in the slowcore movement in the mid 90’s. Along with bands such as Calla and Red House Painters, Low creates an unsettlingly soft and quiet sound with a certain trademark roughness. However, Low isn’t all about sparse guitars, as every occasionally they will surprise their audience by turning up the amps. As an added bonus, Low’s album Christmas is an extremely underrated seasonal album: a perfect pairing for the annual tofurkey and box-of-wine dinner at your Williamsburgian friend’s house. Members of Ida, another band in the genre, are also performing, so get ready for an exciting night of quiet admiration!

RIYL: Palace, P:ano, Kind of like Spitting