Saturday, June 2

Method Man and the Gza @ Webster Hall - Tuesday 6/5 - $15

I remember when I was a kid, kicking it in the courtyard of middle school during recess...all the boys in the crew gathered around jostling to be, for that day, their favorite member of the Wu Tang Clan. I always tried to be Method Man but somehow always ended up settling for the legendary ODB. The Wu Tang Clan was very instrumental in taking the torch from the forefathers of Hip-Hop and running it in to it's dominance over Pop Culture for the next decade plus. I've never had the pleasure of seeing the Wu-Tang Clan, rolling out Deep with the Clan’s 10 plus members, or any of their numerous offshoot solo projects. Not going to miss the opportunity to check out two of these living legends, Mr. Meth and the Genius, live in concert this coming Tuesday at Webster Hall.

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