Friday, June 8

Krs-One @ Sputnik - 6/9

Native New Yorker, Kris Parker, also known as Krs-One will appear at Sputnik Saturday night. The Krs-One show could be the ride of your life as it was for me 4 years ago when he performed at Toad’s Place, in New Haven. Note that the price is also a bargain for any of you hip-hop fans. Furthermore, $5 of the $15 will be donated to the Darfour Coalition. It goes without saying that Krs is bound to not only demonstrate superior skills on the mic, but also wax philosophical on topics, such as faith, culture and the current state of hip-hop. He is going to challenge you to perceive hip-hop as more than just a mere source of entertainment. “You are not just doing hip-hop, you are hip-hop/like if you have a badge and a gun you are the cop/like if you practice medicine you are the doc/you just forgot that rappers rap about cars a lot.” While having never gained much airplay on the radio, Krs’s unrivaled longevity in the rap game is a testament to his underground appeal and lasting substance as an emcee. Go see how Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone…that is to say, KRS-One breaks it down.

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