Wednesday, November 29

Dinosaur Jr. @ Rebel 12/1 & 12/2

Last year was the year of the Dinosaur: 2005 saw the reformation of ultra-influential indie-rock group Dinosaur Jr., with a slew of reissues of their classic 1980s releases, and a wildly successful reunion tour. Guitarist J Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow (who went on to form Sebadoh), and drummer Murph appear to have set aside their differences for good, and are again embarking on a tour. 2007 will see the first release of new material of Dinosaur's original lineup since 1989. Awesome.

Mascis & friends will be playing 2 NYC dates, both thisweekend, both at Rebel.
Tickets are a little pricey at $25 apiece, but well worth it. Buy them here and here.

Stream a few essential Dinosaur Jr. cuts on the band's myspace page.

La Laque & The Fabulous Entourage @ The Annex, Thursday, 11/30

Once you’ve heard La Laque’s would-be single, “La Sirène Dort,” you might see their potential or think them too eccentric. The band’s sultry chanteuse, Devry, sings airy vocals in French over weeping violins and colorful guitar riffs. And while La Laque has yet to cut an ep, they are silently ringing the doorbells of the underground with a series of poignant songs. Seeing them play Sin-E a month or so ago had you at the edge of your seat trying to catch that sexy glance. Now, you can see this perceivably Godard-inspired, Brooklyn quintet take it to the the Annex alongside The Fabulous (destin d’Amèlie) Entourage. Expect The Fabulous Entourage to pull you out of the plush red reverie of La Laque, and get you shot up back on your feet again like seven expressos to the dome.

Monday, November 27

MY MORNING JACKET w/ The Slip @ Roseland – Thursday 11/30

For those of you unaware of the phenomenon known as My Morning Jacket, read on. Formed in Louisville, KY, the five-piece headed by frontman Jim James concocts a uniquely haunting and dreamy blend of americana harmonies rooted in the classic country and western style. Their sound, however, is embellished by the liberal use of reverb and distortion on guitars and vocals resulting in an often watery and spacey feeling for the listener. With four excellent albums and counting to their credit, MMJ is currently touring behind the latest release of a live album/DVD entitled Okonokos. Not to be missed is one of Jim James’ favorite underground bands, The Slip, warming the crowd for MMJ.

RIYL: Mercury Rev, Neil Young, Galaxie 500, Flaming Lips, Black-Eyed Snakes

Saturday, November 25

Avey Tare & Kria Brekken @ Tonic 11/26

Tomorrow night @ 8pm @ Tonic, Animal Collective's Avey Tare is teaming up with múm's Kria Brekken (aka Kristin Anna Valtysdóttir) for a night of acoustic goodness. This is not the first time these two have crossed paths- Kria plays keys on Animal Collective's 2005 masterpiece Feels. For those fans who enjoy AC's quieter moments, be sure not to miss this.

Some live mp3s from an April Avey/Kria show can be found here.

Beach House and Over the Atlantic are opening.


Monday, November 20

PERE UBU w/ Bush Tetras – Wed. 11/22 – Knitting Factory

Pere Ubu has been around for quite a while now and they have been saying for years that they are finally going to call it quits, but that has not happened yet, leaving you with a chance to catch them in Tribeca’s Knitting Factory.

Pere Ubu was formed in the 1970’s in Cleveland after members of local favorite Rocket from the Tombs disbanded to pursue other goals. Using his No-Wave and experimental music backgrounds, David Thomas began Pere Ubu and since then, the band’s lineup has included such underground legends like Tim Wright of DNA and Mayo Thompson of the Red Krayola.

This is a good opportunity if you’d like to see underground legends and one of the most important bands of the ever-growing nu-wave and noise genres.

RIYL: Captain Beefheart, Wire, Can, Sonic Youth

Saturday, November 18

Black Dice @ Uncle Paulie's 11/18

Unfortunately, Brooklyn noisemakers Black Dice recently had to cancel their upcoming tour of Scandanavia, disappointing their decibel-loving Euro fans. This, however, works out for the NYC fan, as Black Dice have decided to play a hometown show in its place.

Black Dice, in case you don't know, are something of an anomaly. The only experimental act on an otherwise disco label (DFA records), the band makes use of all sorts of electronics to create the otherwordly tones their soundscapes are made up of. Use caution, though, casual music listener- a Black Dice show can prove to be overwhelming (and possibly pretentious?) to the unready ear.

Telepathe is opening.

The show is $8, 8pm @ Uncle Paulie's - 460 Monitor Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

Thursday, November 16

NYCUG Presents Low Art - 8:00 PM 11/16 @ Plan B

Incase you haven't heard, we are throwing our second party tonight. We are doing it bigger than before with a one hour open bar special coutesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Live performances by The States and Barrington, DJ sets by Dizzy D,DJ Treats and DD Rej.

Also, a new ting we are trying out. We wanted to throw some love to local artist. So check out the press release below on Heather Boose-Weiss, who will be showing her work at Plan B from tonight until November 30th.

See you there.


Recent Portraits by Heather Boose-Weiss
Curated by Andreis Costa

Opening reception: Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Heather Boose-Weiss, a graduate of the School of Visual Arts is currently living and working in Greenwich, Connecticut. For the past several years the artist has focused on narrative portraits following in the tradition of Peter Beard and Francesca Woodman. Traveling across the globe the artist introduces herself into magnificent environments from the glaciers of Norway to the plains of Africa in an attempt to create a visual poetry between natural traces and the human body. The artist often dresses in costume or paints her skin to create these poems. Characterized by ideas of fragmentation with an interest in manipulating ideas of peoples appendage or skin, which serve to distort and dislocate some of our preconceived notions, walking the line between fiction and reality. Some more direct then others; the artist makes comments on what is authentic and how nature changes with our every step. The work, at times playful seems to harbor an ominous edge. “This is what I come with and this is what I leave with.” The artist says about her process of bringing herself and the camera and leaving with the capture image. The work is about finding a place in the finite and the infinite and the relentless pressures put on a denatured world.

The artists will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts in February 2007.

for more info.

flyer designed by John Hemminger

Wednesday, November 15

Low Red Land @ Sin-e' Tonight 11/15 9:00 PM

Formerly known as "Great American", Low Red Land has abandoned their partriotic past but have carried forward they're musical influences that are deeply routed in American Folk Rock and Country. Like a Phoenix's rebirth from the ashes, this new project shines with the same glory as it fuses their past sound with the currently popular indie electronic sounds; thus creating someting that is very unique and worth checking out.

Monday, November 13

HIDDEN CAMERAS w/ Spiral Beach @ Bowery Ballroom – Wed. 11/15

The Hidden Cameras mix upbeat and poppy music with a strange variety of lyrics that the average listener would not notice upon first listen. Their lyrics range from singing about pissing on someone to singing about pooping on someone, all with a cheeky smile and guitar. The real golden shower about this band, however, is the live show, which includes anything from puppets to slideshows to strippers all with a lot of audience participation.

Come for the songs; stay for the go-go dancers!

No word if Cleveland is steaming.

RIYL: Magnetic Fields, Mosquitos, Belle and Sebastian, Jens Lekman

Sunday, November 12

El Perro Del Mar @ Zebulon 11/12; @ Joe's Pub 11/13; @ Union Hall 11/14; @ Mercury Lounge 11/16

Sweden's latest indie-pop offering, El Perro Del Mar (who are, in actuality, a single person: Sarah Assbring), is/are playing a sum total of four NYC dates in support of her/their eponymous debut album.

For a taste of Sarah's sugar-sweet melodies, click.

RIYL: the Shangri-Las, the Ronettes, the Pipettes, the Magnetic Fields, Architecture in Helsinki

Sunday @ Zebulon - FREE
Monday @ Joe's Pub - $15 tix
Tuesday @ Union Hall - $10 tix
Thursday @ Mercury Lounge - $10 tix

Friday, November 10

Cut Chemist with Lyrics Born @ Webster Hall - Friday, 11/10

So it is in fact true that Cut Chemist, formerly a DJ for the west coast underground crew Jurassic 5, has gone solo with the recent release of his album, “The Audience Is Listening.” Similar to DJ Shadow, who played Webster Hall two weeks ago, this L.A. native continues to cultivate the art of mixing rare, never-before heard tracks into a hip-hop format. The results that emerge from Cut Chemist's lab experiments are definately worth checking out: no broken glass, just smooth playfully polished rhythms that elicit his penchant for funk and old-school rap.

Enter Lyrics Born, the first artist to record on DJ Shadow’s Solesides record label (which is now Quannum). Lyrics Born is not your average west coast underground rapper or rapper in general. Just listen to him sing “I Changed My Mind,” a classy funk throwback. His sing-song voice resonates on any recording, while it translates even better in a live setting.

Thursday, November 9

Oakley Hall @ Mercury Lounge- Friday, 11/10

This Friday, Oakley Hall sets up shop at Mercury Lounge, along with Micah P. Hanson. Oakley Hall are almost knocking on the door of alt. country, but every now and again they pull a surprise punch that makes you realize they listened to a LOT of Led Zep growing up.

Either way, these guys (and girls) end up being pretty diverse in range, even evoking The Band at times, while other times pushing the beat forward a la The Shins. No matter what, Oakley Hall always brings a ton of energy and soul to the stage, and it’s just outright feel-good rock and roll. Definitely worth checking out. (listen)

Monday, November 6

ZOX w/ Tally Hall @ Knitting Factory – Wed. 11/8 - $10

Providence, RI’s Zox combines elements of new-school ska and the jam band sound but with one vital difference: Spencer Swain’s virtuous violin arrangements add a mostly untapped feature in the indie music world. This band was originally pinned as the type that would nicely fill any fraternity’s booze soaked basement, but with their latest release entitled The Wait (licensed by the primarily punk label Side One Dummy) strives to dissociate themselves from that style. With a turn towards the more heartfelt ballad, primary songwriter Eli Miller opens his heart for all to hear resulting in an incredibly fun and listenable sound. Zox is currently on a North American tour and you will have a chance to catch them at the Knitting Factory with Tally Hall.

RIYL: Counting Crows, 311, The Specials, Boyd Tinsley

Voxtrot @ Bowery Ballroom 10/7

Austin's Voxtrot have an absurd amount of buzz behind them for a group that hasn't even released a full-length album yet. We have, however, gotten a glimpse of this act's delightful brand of indie-pop by way of a handful of EPs they've released this year. It is clear (from the blogs anyway) that Voxtrot are destined to be the next biggest thing.

Their new EP "Your Biggest Fan" drops Tuesday, and to celebrate, they're playing Bowery Ballroom. You can stream the 3-track EP on the band's myspace & you can buy tickets to the show here.

RIYL: Belle & Sebastian, the Smiths, Clap Yr Hands Say Yeah, Stone Roses, the Lucksmiths

Thursday, November 2

O’DEATH @ Delancy – 11/3

Although O’Death is an unsigned band, they are causing quite a stir around the club circuits in New York and have built up a good sized following in the process. A self-proclaimed “blackgrass” band, they combine elements of country and bluegrass with gothic sounds and lyrics to create a disturbing brand of music suited for a midnight camping trip through the Appalachians. Their finished product is dark and brooding indeed…and maybe a little inbred. This band is recommended for fans of Tom Waits, Morphine, or Circus Contraption.

Deerhoof, Excepter, Erase Errata @ Hiro Ballroom 11/3

San Francisco's Deerhoof are a talented and wildly entertaining live act. Vocalist/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki sings delightful sugar-pop melodies over the noisy, angular guitar work of John Dieterich and the spastic drumming of Deerhoof founder Greg Saunier. Their recorded songs translate extremely well to the live setting, which, coupled with a charming, off-kilter stage presence, makes for a great live show.
RIYL: Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth, OOIOO, Xiu Xiu, Lightning Bolt

Fellow SF group Erase Errata offer simple, punk-inspired dance traxx.
RIYL: Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, The Slits, Sleater-Kinney

NYC's own Excepter kick out some of the most interesting electronic music of the 00's. This group seamlessly fuses experimental and house music, with results that can fall anywhere between psychedelic krautrock, abrasive noise squeals, and squiggly techno.
What should you expect from Excepter? Warbly synth tones, driving drum box beats, incoherent ramblings, the unexpected.
RIYL: Black Dice, Suicide, Gang Gang Dance

info: 4pm @ the Hiro Ballroom @ the Maritime Hotel
buy tix

Wednesday, November 1

BLACK LIPS @ Sin-e’ – 11/2

If you don’t know the Black Lips, you are certainly missing out on a real cultural treasure. That being said with only a small degree of sarcasm, the BL’s have a loud, trashy garage rock sound reminiscent of the Stooges or the Germs. But if you are the average concert goer: WATCH OUT! Their amazing latest release Let It Bloom on In the Red Records, only scratches the surface of the dirtiness of their live act. Turning a live concert into something of white trash performance art, you will get some type of bodily fluid all over your clothing. This may be vomit, piss, most certainly spit, or possibly something far more foul. And then there are the firecrackers…. Needless to say, their antics have gotten them barred from almost every venue in Atlanta and others around the country. Definitely see them before they get booted out of NYC.

Just remember, wear clothes you don’t care about.

OH NO! OH MY! w/ Dim Mak Showcase @ Lit Lounge – 11/2

Partly from Texas and partly from Tennessee, Oh No Oh My is the latest band to gain huge popularity on their own by way of MySpace and a stellar self-recorded debut album. Their sound takes from both the Shins and their hipster idol predecessors Clap Your Hands Say Yeah yet amazingly, earlier this summer they hadn’t even played a single live show. Now there is a bona-fide record label feeding frenzy surrounding this band, almost assuredly making the first pressing of their debut album soon to be worth a fat stack of cash. So if you want to see record label executives acting like idiots or just want to see a good live show, ONOM is a sure thing.

Dewar's - A Night With ESL - Thursday 11/12

Free Booze + Good Music = A Spledid Time

Race your buddies to see how much free booze you can drink in 1 hour.

Complimentary drinks 9-10

dj sets by : Thievery Corporations's Rob Garza and Thunderball's Federico Aubelle

Get more info here -