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3rd Annual Afro-Punk Film and Music Festival 6/29 - 7/7

In a previous post about Summer festivals, i described myself when I was young as a punk. To clarify, back then I didn't have any particularly alternative way of dressing and would not have been outwardly described as a Punk. I never got into major trouble but my activities and mindset were some what punk-ish.

Thinking about what I meant in my loose usage of "punk", coupled with my reading on the 3rd Annual Afro-Punk Film and Music Festival, brought me to a interesting internal debate. Because my initial definitions of Punk were a mixture of something superficial, violent and negative - it was ironic to me that the Afro-Punk Festival seemed intellectual, loving and positive.

The Afro Punk movement originated from the documentary "Afro
Punk", directed by emerging Director James Spooner, which explores race and identity within the punk scene. This work galvanized a group of people who were the under represented minority existing in the rebellious sub culture of society - Punk. The 3rd Annual Festival will be the official unveiling of James's second major work "White lies Black Sheep". Screeners of both as well as a very entertaining blog can be found on James' personal myspace page.
As a member of the African diaspora, who has spent a major portion of his life immersed in white culture - Afro Punk really engages my thoughts and reflections on race and culture. It celebrates things that are undeniably "black" with the same breath that embraces things that are stereotypically "white"... That tension has inspired so much beautiful art - ranging from music, to film, to fine art - and a healthy sampling will be on display at the festival.


Afro-Punk Festival

June 28-July 7

This Independence Day, celebrate some true revolutionaries during the third annual Afro-Punk Festival at BAM, featuring film, music, and art united under the banner of black rebellion. This year's festival is focused on the Black Panther party, including a discussion with Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale, two programs on July 4 featuring documentaries about them, and an exhibit of archival photographs by the Black Panthers party photographer Stephen Shames. For the full line-up, visit

OPENING NIGHT: On Thu, June 28, legendary Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale discusses the history of the movement: where it's been and where it's going. Tickets are $15.

FILM: Music docs, cult classics, documentaries about the Black Panthers, and more. Highlights include a new print of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (with clear parallels to the civil rights movement), Samuel Fuller's White Dog (about a dog programmed to attack black people), The Final Comedown, Eyes of the Rainbow (a documentary about Black Panther leader Assata Shakur), and more.

ART: Selections from the book The Black Panthers: Making Sense of History. This exhibition looks at the history of the movement through the lens of official party photographer Stephen Shames. In partnership with Aperture Foundation.

MUSIC: The Afro-Punk Festival features live concerts and DJ sets by bands from the Afro-Punk scene, including Tiombe Lockhart, Cutlery, Dragons of Zynth, Bear in Wolf Fur, No Surrender, CX Kidtronik, and much more.

AFROPUNK BLOCK PARTY: Celebrate Brooklyn's DIY spirit at the first-ever Afro-Punk Block Party, featuring live music, artists, vendors, crafts, food, and more.

Click here for full information and to buy tickets.

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