Monday, June 25

Introducing Danny Ross - Album Release 6/30 @ 8PM - Bitter End

During day light hours, Danny Ross is the most unlikely musician. By day the up and coming piano rocker is a congressional staffer for Congressman Jerold Naddar.

By moon light, Ross is on the road to being the real deal. Bringing a heavy blend of piano and traditional rock instruments and lyrics in the vein of the best of pop-rock, Ross' music is most closely compared to other budding virtiousos such as Jamie Cullum and Sondre Lerche.

That is to say a musician ripe for mainstream success, and the talent to ensure that a big break wouldn't be a waste.

Next week, Ross will be hosting a release party for his first album Introducing Danny Ross on Saturday, June 30th @ 8 PM at the Bitter End.

In addition to being an album release party, the singer/song writer will be on hand to perform cuts from the album as well.

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