Wednesday, September 27

CSS & LADYTRON @ Webster Hall - 9/27 & 9/28

CSS is a SEXtet who met on the internet and their name, which is an abbreviation for “cansei de ser sexy” means “tired of being SEXY.” Interestingly enough, their lead singer is Lovefoxxx and she sings over uptempo, hypnotic beats that will definately urge you to dance.

The following act, Ladytron, is bound to take the indie-electronic vibe to an even higher level of intensity with their disco robotic beats and dreamy pop vocals. The UK quartet has already cut five main albums and toured extensively this year rocking venues all over the world. CSS and Ladytron have been booked for two nights, so strap on those kicks and go see how hot and tired of being sexy these bands really are.


Tuesday, September 26

GRIZZLY BEAR, Dirty Projectors, and Stars Like Fleas- Tuesday 9/26- Bowery Ballroom

Frontman Edward Droste will be the first to tell you that he never expected Grizzly Bear to get so big. Begun as a pet project in his Green Point apartment, Grizzly Bear began when Droste locked himself up for months on end to record the sketches for what would later become Grizzly's 2005 debut, Horn of Plenty, later enlisting the help of soon-to-be bandmate Christopher Bear.

Debut album drops.

Fast forward two months.

A glowing SPIN review and a Scandinavian tour later, Droste, Bear, and Co find themselves thrust in the spotlight- and suddenly equipped to take on more than just Green Point.

Now almost a full year later, Grizzly Bear is hitting the road again, this time in support of their brand new release, Yellow House. An awesomely atmospheric collection of mostly-acoustic tunes tight enough to have earned "Best New Music" from Pitchfork, this latest Grizzly release is already drawing comparisons ranging from Animal Collective to Sufjan Stevens to Nick Drake. With a haunting dreaminess and honesty that has to be heard to be believed, Yellow House is easily among the top albums of 2006.

Check these guys out this Tuesday with Dirty Projectors and Stars Like Fleas at Bowery Ballroom before they head out West for the start of their North American tour, and see some of Brooklyn's finest right here at home.

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Of Montreal, Tuesday 9/26, Irving Plaza

I originally decided I wanted to see this show when I saw it posted on the Of Montreal website. I saw Of Montreal at a pool party in Brooklyn and they were, well, awesome! If you like hard working musicians that put out lots of new material. If you like music that has pop melodies, but retains enough variety to keep your attention. If you like musicians that look as good performing as they sound, then Of Montreal may be your kinda thing… Enter the twist: they aren’t headlining.

The main attraction at this show is Jamie Lidell, a multifaceted British performer, who at the same time reminds listeners of Ottis Reading and Jamaroquai. The fact that he draws so many likenesses while still being praised for his unique approach to pop sums up the exotic appeal of this artist. He creates music that is easy to consume, but when given a discerning listen, demonstrates an intelligence seldom found in popular music.

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Monday, September 25

JAMIE LIDELL w/ Of Montreal, Tuesday 9/26, Irving Plaza

Compared by many to a "21st century Little Richard," Jamie Lidell is a throwback in every sense of the word, while still managing to sound fresh, and not the least bit contrived. And I will say this, if you haven't had a chance to see Lidell in person yet, this dude's a must-see. With long, rambling improvisations and enough energy to knock you back to 1957, Jamie Lidell makes damn sure no one leaves without feeling that SOUL power. While still hugely impressive, his 2005 release, Multiply, doesn't really do his live show justice; you just can't bottle all that soul up into a single Pro Tools session. Just can't be done. That said, Lidell's in New York for one night only at Irving Plaza this Tuesday with Of Montreal. Definitely worth checking out.

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Save the date...NYCUG is throwing a party!

We are so happy with the support we've been receiving; we've decided to throw an official gala to commemorate our Launch! To help us celebrate, we've enlisted the help of a few friends. Check out the flyer and tuned for more information about the featured Bands and DJs.

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Flyer Designed by our friend Anthony

Dead Prez, Saigon, Da Backwudz - 9/25 - Galapagos

“Hell Yeah!” Need I say more for those in the know. The Floridian duo, Dead Prez, is playing Bucktown. As if that isn’t enough - you’ve got Saigon rapping on his home turf having already signed to the record label of famed hip hop producer Just Blaze. And then there's that guest spot on Entourage, which hate it or love it has boosted his sales and image. Saigon is percievably at the peak of his underground career…the commercial horizon not far out of sight. Along with the dirty south crew, Da Backwudz, this show is bound to be wild with flavor raw and rhymes hardcore and political.

Sunday, September 24

THE LIST (9/25 - 10/1)

We apologize for the past week off. NYCUG was undergoing some structural changes in order to be able deliver more good shows on a more constant basis. Please enjoy this week's's a good one!

Monday 9/25 - The Flaming Lips @ Hamerstein Ballroom (Sold Out) – Buy Ticket @ Stub Hub
Monday 9/25 - Dead Prez, Saigon, Da Backwudz @ Galapagos
Tuesday 9/26 - Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, Stars Like Fleas @ Bowery Ballroom
Wednesday 9/27 - Jet @ Irving Plaza (Sold Out) – Buy Ticket @ Stub Hub
Wednesday 9/27 - Ladytron and CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy) @ Bowery Ballroom
Thursday 9/28 - Clap Your Hands @ Central Park
Friday 9/29 - The Long Winters, Menomena, What Made Milwaukee Famous @ Bowery Ballroom
Saturday 9/30 - La Laque, I'm With Cupid, Roman Candle, Keegan Dewitt, The Rosewood Thieves @ Sin-e
Sunday 10/1 - Cursive, Men, Women & Children, Ladyfinger @ Webster Hall

The List is our picks of the best shows on any given night this week.

For more information on these artist, shows, and more log onto!

Previous Lists
The List (9/12-9/17)


Band-Aids Line Up If You Haven’t Already

“You bloggers are what keeps our band alive,” bass player Derek Van Heule told us as an intimate gathering of fans stood around together outside the Mercury Lounge. We had a chance to chat with various members of the band all of whom expressed a similar sentiment: their passion for music. You might’ve felt this from just watching their set. The band had undeniable stage presence – most notably when lead singer Wyatt Hull leaped off the stage and pranced around the audience on “Devil’s Got A Hold Of Me.” With their punchy, Zeppelin-esque riffs and electrifying appearance, these guys are a must-see. We have great expectations for the Colour and wish them the best!

Previous Post about The Colour

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Wednesday, September 13

Bad Plus + Jason Moran & The Bandwagon @ Blue Note - $20 Bar/$30 Tables – 9/13 – 9/17

Ladies and gentleman, without further ado we present to you the Bad Plus: an avant-garde trio from the midwest whose eclectic musical tastes range from contemporary jazz to 70’s glam rock to Radiohead (check out their reconstruction of “Karma Police”). Fortunately, I had a chance to catch ‘em last night and for starters, the drummer, David King, gets wicked on every song and every symbal for that matter. Moreover, the chemistry between the pianist, bassist and drummer feels incredible, whether you' bob your head to the rhythm or shut your eyes and just listen...But that’s not all. Make sure you catch the opener. Jason Moran is a virtuoso on the keys whether it's “Moon River” or his own rendition of Afrika Bombaataa’s “Planet Rock.” Bear witness to these progressive jazz artists at a world renowned venue!

Tuesday, September 12

The Wood Brothers @ The Bowery 8/13 - $18

The fact that so many people still don’t know Oliver and Chris Wood is simply laughable. The fact that their show at the Bowery Ballroom is not sold out is possibly a gift from above. Together making music since childhood, these brothers are two of the most talented, hard working, and inspired musicians alive… Period.

Perhaps you’ve heard of MMW(Medeski, Martin and Wood) or their collaboration with John Scofield (Medeski, Scofield and Wood). The fact is these guys stay in the studio, making impeccable music…and then they spend the rest of their time playing concerts live. What a Life!!

All the info is below for you to check them out and decide for yourself if they are that good. They are on my show list. I’m going myself, and I highly recommend this concert.

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introducing THE SHOW LIST 9/12 - 9/17

Greetings readers! First off, on behalf of all of us here I would like to THANK all of you who have been visiting and for adding us to your myspace friends. Thanks for all the positive feedback and constructive criticism! We want you to know we take all of your feedback and comments into consideration when we're adding new features to the site, as well as when we pick our featured artists. We'd like to encourage you to continue writing to us, not only on Myspace, but also on We're really enjoying watching our community grow and expand, and always want to ensure that the site is a welcome home for an open discourse.

In response to some GREAT reader feedback we are instituting a weekly mailer called The Show List. In addition to the regular information always available on NYCUG, The Show List will now be posted every Sunday on the website and also on the Myspace bulletin, providing NYCUG's picks for the one best, Must-See show on every night of the coming week. Any time a night's show sells out, we'll always update The Show List with another pick for that night, making sure you're never without a show to go to.

The Show List

Tuesday 9/12/06 – Phoenix @ Webster Hall
Wednesday 9/13/06 – The Wood Brothers @ Bowery Ballroom
Thursday 9/14/06 – Takka Takka @ Sin-e
Friday 9/15/06 - Citizen Cope @ Hamerstein Ballroom
Saturday 9/16/06 – Zero 7 & Jose Gonzalez @ Webster Hall
Sunday 9/17/06 – The Bad Plus @ the Blue Note

The List is our picks of the best shows on any given night this week.

For more information on these artist, shows, and more log onto!

Monday, September 11

Phoenix @ Webster Hall - 9/12

I can still remember the exact place I was when I first heard Phoenix, which is saying something, since sometimes I can’t even remember my own mother’s birthday. (Since my mom sometimes reads my blog, I’m going to go on record saying I have not had one of those times in a long while). Ok, so I know my priorities are all sorts of messed up, but this blog isn't about my problems, it’s about music…and my point, after all that rambling, is that more than two years ago Phoenix grabbed my attention with the track “If I Ever Feel Better.” Well before the release of their latest album “It’s Never Been Like That.” Well before Sofia Coppola placed their music in “Marie Antoinette.” Well before they played Coachella. And well before YOU. But it’s ok, cause my job is to let you know about the band before you’re like “oh Shit, why haven’t I heard about this band.” So don’t have an OH SHIT moment when you hear about their kick ass sets from Austin City Limits 2006 - go see their concert live at the Mercury Lounge.

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Friday, September 8

Pela @ Tonic(9/9) & South Paw(9/10)

Pela @ Tonic - $8 – 9/9 – 8pm
Pela @ Southpaw - $8 – 9/10 – 9pm

After cultivating their skills in Brooklyn, this Indie Rock quartet has landed a comfortable niche in the New York underground music scene, and the word is spreading fast. Their single EP, “All In Time,”(available on itunes) is highly regarded despite the fact that the band has yet to sign to a label. Their music is drenched with ambient melodies and poetic lyrics... this band truely has the drive and pop sensisibilty to make it to the TOP. This is the chance to catch them before you shoulda coulda seen them for under ten bucks. So go see Brooklyn’s very own playing in Manhattan and then Brooklyn this weekend!

Thursday, September 7

Lolita Bras @ Union Hall - 9/7 - 8pm

If you haven't heard of up this up-and-coming New York outfit yet, it's time to get on board. Calling on influences from the Smiths to Joy Division, Lolita Bras blends the new with the familiar to create their own blend of foot-tapping, slightly neurotic anthems on their 2006 EP "Caught in the Open Too Deep". The single, "Her Own Conversation," is bound for iPods everywhere before you know it, and the rest of the album belts out an honesty and energy that can't be ignored. Check them out this Thursdsay at Union Hall with IO. These guys are the shit, but don't take my word for it, go check them out... they're even better live.

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Tuesday, September 5

The Colour @ Mercury Lounge - 9/6 - 8:30

Evidently, the underground single, “Devil’s Got A Hold Of Me,” has fans gravitating towards this blues-rock quintet from L.A. With only a four track EP and a debut album that will soon hit the streets, the band has ALREADY been compared with the Rolling Stones (Spin Magazine). An assertion like this can only be derived from their stellar live performance which you won’t want to miss. Those wanting an amped-up dose of rock and roll should definitely go watch The Colour rip it at the Mercury Lounge.

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Joan of Arc @ The Knitting Factory - $10 - Wednesday 9/6, 8PM

Joan of Arc and ever-changing frontman Tim Kinsellas are back at it at the Knitting Factory this Wednesday, supporting their 2006 release, "Eventually, All at Once." JOA's easy-going, but still energetic, tunes are filled with entrancing, finger-picking guitar progressions, and enough boings and blips to put your old school Nintendo to shame. These indie vets will keep things alive and humming til the night is done, so look no further than Joan of Arc to cure that midweek shuffle.

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John Scofield @ Blue Note – 9/5 - 9/10 - Tables $35 Bar $20

A jazz legend playing at a legendary venue. For jazz listeners, Scofield at the Blue Note is something we’ve been looking forward to for a while now, whether we're planning on checking out one night or all six. But even if you're not normally into jazz, this might be a show worth taking another look at. Not only does Scofield have a massive repetoire of songs dating back to the days when he played with Miles Davis, but for fans of great guitar playing, this show is sure to be a treat. From funk to post-bop to mellowed-out jazz vamps, Scofield has it all. Now, coming off an impressive run of 6 studio albums in the last 6 years, Scofield is taking it to the Blue Note once again. With such a massive body of new material hot off the shelf, you can only imagine the energy will be through the roof at these soon to be sold out shows. So, as the title to his 1997 collaboration with Medeski, Martin & Wood says - You better “A Go-Go” - to this one.

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The Clientele @ The Knitting Factory - $14 – Tuesday 9/5

Where are those dreamy vibes flowing up from under the sea coming from? The word is starting to spread about this London-based indie group whose reverb-enhanced vocals and enchanting riffs are already making their way across the country. Since teaming up with Merge and labelmates Arcade Fire and Camera Obscura, The Clientele has released “Strange Geometry,” along with another album scheduled to drop in the near future. If you haven’t caught them already, take this opportunity to escape into an "Octopus’s Garden" on their latest nationwide tour.

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Monday, September 4

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer...

and officially an awesome day to see music!!

The Morning 40 Federation arrived last evening and already the city feels drunker, more fun, ready to blow wide take that energy and check them out at the Mercury Lounge tonight! Also performing are the Americans, Right on Dynamite, and No One and the sombodies.

Should be a great time, but all the info is here for you to acess for yourself.

Cheers! And drive safely.

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