Sunday, June 3

The Clientele @ Bowery Ballroom, Fri 6/8

Usually I adhere pretty closely to the old piece of wisdom that says: if you’re in a band, and you sound at all like the Monkees, it’s probably about time to hang up the old tambourine.

Enter The Clientele. These cheery British balladeers, who may evoke a little Davy Jones from time to time, do it only in the most tasteful and unapologetic of ways. Blending pure pop with more than a touch of the psychedelic, The Clientele are a blast from the past and a breath of fresh air all at once. There’s no pretension here, and the lack of angst is as refreshing as you'd think it would be.

Wistful, sincere, and definitely cheesy- The Clientele do it all, and while they may not become your favorite band of the year (although they just might), these indie vets have a style not often heard these days, and are definitely a great act to catch live. Tickets are only $15, so start your weekend off with a little British invasion and you’ll be feeling groovy before you can say bloody fantastic. Myspace | Website

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