Monday, June 11

The Subjects & The Rosewood Thieves, 6/13 @ Pianos

Great bill this Wednesday at Pianos, featuring (among others) The Subjects and The Rosewood Thieves.

With Brooklyn’s own The Subjects headlining this gig, you’re definitely in for a high-energy show. Gotta love the tightness these guys bring to lo-fi, with guitar jangles reminiscent of The Kinks and The Strokes and-- if you really crane enough to hear it-- a little bit of Sting in front man David Sheinkoff’s voice. They're at their best on the burner "Seems to Me."

Meanwhile, the Rosewood Thieves, playing a supporting role in this show, create the sort of lush textures and foot-stomping grooves that, when coupled with painfully earnest lyrics and almost-overly-reverbed vocals, get by on the stuff that Elliott Smith and John Lennon would be proud of.

In particular, check out featured tracks "Los Angeles" and "Cold in the Country," although their true range can be shown off on more contemplative tracks like "Untitled Demo" (currently up on their myspace, but for who knows how much longer).

Backroom at Pianos is the spot this Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Here's the official video from that show!
6.13.07 The Rosewood Thieves at Piano's NYC