Thursday, February 28

THURSTON MOORE & ROKY ERICKSON @ Webster Hall - Sat. 3/1

This is a show to catch if you can. Thurston Moore and Roky Erickson separately would be huge shows to go to, but together, these veritable monsters of underground music could be one of the finest shows of the year here in New York. Thurston Moore is the prolific frontman from the legendary noisemakers Sonic Youth and now he is performing on the heels of his latest acoustic release Trees Outside of the Academy. Being that he lives in the city, he plays quite frequently in New York and you can read about his older shows here. Roky Erickson maybe lesser known to most people but he was the frontman of the 60's psychedelic cult band the 13th Floor Elevators. He experimented heavily with drugs and was in and out of psychiatric hospitals for the majority of the 60's through the 90's. However around 2005, he started playing live music again (most notably at Austin's SXSW Festival) and now plays frequently. See what all the fuss is about one night only at Webster Hall on Saturday.

RIYL: Sonic Youth, 13th Floor Elevators

Thurston Moore on Jimmy Kimmel:

And Roky Erickson performing "Cold Night for Alligators":

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finlay said...

Don't knock the Rok! What a genius